Rooms1A/KGR suite2A2B3A3B
PhotobedroombedroomCompare Room 2BCompare Room 3ACompare Room 3B
Size (sq. ft.)709280366420420
Beds1 Queen1 Queen2 Full1 King1 King
Maximum Guests22422
Rate per day (1 or 2 guests)$240$175$186$208$208
Private bathroom
Mini Refrigerator
Microwave/Coffee Machine
Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate
Table & Chairs
TV with DVD/VHS player
Ceiling fan
Hair Blow dryer/Hand Mirror
Shower wands
2 person Whirlpool tub
Bar and liquid bath soap
Bottled water at Check-in
AC/Heat self controlled
Luggage rack
H2O pump/Inline H2O heater  
Free Wi-Fi
Private covered deck
Boat Parking
Weber Grill access


Perfect Rooms for Both Romantic Getaways & Group Vacations

Terrapin Peak Bed, Breakfast & Beyond near Lake Tenkiller, Oklahoma offers the best of both worlds. You can experience the great outdoors in a rustic and secluded setting, while enjoying clean, comfortable and contemporary lodging.


There are 3 separate cabins placed 180 feet or more apart with separate bedrooms each with private bathrooms. These unique cabin rooms provide the privacy of a vacation rental combined with the amenities and hospitality of a bed and breakfast, making it ideal for a romantic hideaway for two, group travel lodging for a business retreat or a vacation with family or friends.

Outside each building/room in a nearly spider web free environment, guests can enjoy spacious covered decks including deck furniture and at least an acre view of groomed, close canopy woods. There is landscape lighting for safety and to view bountiful wildlife, but doesn’t restrict a star-to-treetop view of the clear night sky. Deer and bird feeders are near every building with feed being supplied daily. Ample boat parking with water and electric hook up are available outside every room.