Although we do not have a restaurant, we do have Chef “What’s His Name” and a commercial grade kitchen to prepare hot gourmet meals (Breakfast or Dinner) with two weeks notice.

Several menu options are available in various price ranges and can be personalized to fit your needs. Or you come up with your meal plan and we’ll make it work.

Pricing is based on menu items, one meal selection per party and number of guests in the party. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy your favorite meal prepared by Chef “What’s His Name”.

Chef’s 2 cents

Did you know that 90% of restaurant food is massed produced and shipped after cooked then frozen ready for reheat? Did you know that fried food is bad for you? But is desired for fast, cost effective means to feed people. Did you know that “gourmet” doesn’t consist of the above? At least not in my kitchen!

My kitchen is my passion and my comfort zone and I’m proud to give a tour upon your arrival.

I never wanted to be famous (hence my title, Chef What’s His Name). I just want a quiet productive life to share with others on a personal level, which is where you come in. Do you have allergies to certain foods? Can’t palette certain tastes? Want to learn certain recipes? Want to be entertained?

I always look forward to working in the comfort zone of my kitchen. Healthy eating is my forte. I grow fresh herbs and prefer to remove most fat from meats. Even my French fries are baked for a healthier alternative. Outdoor grilling has the most flavor, but a pan-seared creation with a flavorful sauce can be done less expensive.

I’m a one man show (with a little help from the ownerJ), so two weeks notice gives me time to understand your needs, plan your meal, get fresh ingredients, and time to wear some of my other hats that ensure your “beyond” stay.

For the most part I try to prepare enough food for you to eat twice. Such as 2” thick steak, are you a bigger eater and want 3”? No problem. If you trust me with your leftovers, I could create another great meal for a little more, like a steak and eggs breakfast or perhaps julienned for a steak tortilla wrap. A little planning can trim your cost a lot. For a meal such as pork ribs BBQ style, it takes one day to prep the meat and one day to cook and serve. Perhaps you should order an extra rack or two so we can vacuum seal and freeze for you to take home?

Please remember you are buying my time for some of the best food around. The hot gourmet meal side of our business is a small percentage of what we do. So why do it, because to me you are worth it.

Chef What’s His Name

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