Tips for cooking on a Smoker Grill

Q: We recently inherited a smoker type grill. Like most anyone I’ve cooked a few burgers and hot dogs or chicken, but this smoker grill intimidates me. One time it took forever for food to cook and another time, part of it was too hot and part only warm. I keep thinking it is a popular brand and is designed to work, so what is my problem – any tips?

A: Smokers are an art of attention. They are dramatically affected by subtle changes such as: outside temperature, humidity, wind and on your part by opening to check or turn food. Ash build up can restrict air flow to coals. Seeing your smoker was inherited, it was used. Check the chimney for soot build up.

Once the smoker is cleaned and ready, start with an oven thermometer to calibrate it. Take note of sectional temperatures. Use your best-learned techniques to begin your next meal. Then use adjustable air intake and exhaust to regulate for subtle changes mentioned above.

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