Tips on the best pots and pans to buy for the money!

Q: We are going to be getting married and want to pick out cookware together. Do you have any advice on how to find common ground, to help narrow our choices?

A: In general I would agree on your budget first. Money and quality for the most part serve as a good guide when selecting the best pots and pans to furnish your new kitchen.The more it weighs the better it cooks. Cast iron is great but cumbersome (and must be washed by hand, without soap). Stainless steel is durable but a good non-stick finish has it’s benefits and like cast iron must be washed by hand. A balanced selection of each will solve most basic cooking options.

Choose cooking utensils by shape to fit the cookware. Like tapered ends for rounder pots or more square ends for squared cookware. Don’t use stainless steel utensils on non-stick surfaces. I think every kitchen is unique and is an ever changing and growing statement to the period of it’s use. It’s a tribute to your time together.

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