Shady character captured at Lake Tenkiller Bed & Breakfast

Squirrel on breakThere is not much more that tranquility could express beyond the moment of capturing a squirrel when it takes a rest.

Our guests look forward to moments like this although some may consider it to be a tasty dish. As attractive as either case may be this photo screams, “I am care free.”

The word squirrel originates from the Greek language meaning “one who walks under it’s own shadow. The metaphors could be literally fun in this case but are probably best captured by the expression on your face. Look at the squirrel, now look in a mirror. Which reality is clearer? If a squirrel can find time to relax and rest, perhaps even you might have time to take a rest.

Shadows fade as the day grows old. Don’t pass the chance for your relaxation to unfold. Ask yourself, if a shadowy tail can find tranquility, perhaps this place will provide it for me too?

Why not you?

Simply, with Chef “What’s His Name?”

Genny and Chef “What’s His Name?” vacationed at Lake Tenkiller for more than 15 years. At their special Lake Tenkiller lodging location they enjoy sharing their home, life stories and love of the lake with their guests.

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