Tips for Growing Basil at Lake Tenkiller, or anywhere else!

Basil is one of my most favorite herbs to grow. No matter which type you like (e.g. Sweet, Purple or Lemon Basil), basil is an extremely rewarding and fun herb to grow. Plan to plant your basil in the spring … Continue reading

Baby Back Ribs at Terrapin Peak Bed, Breakfast & Beyond

In the beginning: One of the things we love most about being Innkeepers at an Oklahoma Bed & Breakfast near Lake Tenkiller is helping guests make special lodging memories in Oklahoma that goes “beyond” their expectations.That was the opportunity we … Continue reading

Preparing Sauteed vegetables, are you putting the “sizzle” in your cooking?


Q: I must be the worst cook in the world. Really! Once I worked at McDonald’s and took home a raw burger, cooked it and it was not the same. The omelet you prepared for me was so fresh and colorful I ate the whole thing just for pleasure. It was huge and tasted so fresh. I’ve made myself omelets before but the veggies always seem to look like tinted jelly. When I try to brown meat in a skillet one side starts good and when I’m done the color cooks off the meat.  What am I missing? What is your secret?

A: Seeiyellow green and red pepperng that you are choosing the best fresh ingredients, try to improve on how to saute. Saute comes from the French meaning “to sizzle”. Keep air space between vegetables. Too close and they start to steam and loose color, a process called “sweating”. In principle the same thing can happen with meats. If meats are too close to each other or too big for the size of skillet the sweat and steam are preventing browning. Also, if the skillet is too deep like when cooking burgers, moist air is slowed for escape resulting in initially good browning at the start and upon flipping the spot on the skillet is cooler, hence starting a sweating (steaming) process. One more flip and the brown coloring is starting to steam off. For this reason burger places cook on a large flat griddle top (maximizing moisture escape) and flipping to fresh hot spots. To help keep vegetables color in omelets, place cooked veggies on a paper towel to absorb extra oil and stop the cooking process. If piled up they will steam and loose color.

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